You have systems, but are they working alongside your mental wellbeing?

Recently, I have heard from lots of people “Oh, I have systems in place, but I am just a bit lost and feeling overwhelmed by all the things. And consistency is not happening!”. There is a big difference between having systems in place and having the RIGHT systems in place that work alongside your mental wellbeing. As you know, I am a huge systems geek — I live and breathe systems and always have! But, I especially create systems that work alongside your mental wellbeing.

I believe you should have systems that work for you, and keep them simple! Quite often, we always feel we need to do more and add more to our ever-ending list — this is what I want to stop!

Yes, test things out, but if they don’t work remove them from the system, they are a waste of your energy and time.

Today I am going to talk about how I keep things super simple in business and life in order to slay that burnout!

Create a business hub!

A business hub will consist of all your essentials in business. I use and love Asana (as you may already know!). Keeping everything together means you do not get stuck in the trap of wasting valuable time searching around for that document you stored safely in one of many storage tools you have. I am often asked but what does a business hub consist of? Some examples are: your content library, systems library, content calendar, ideas bank and, of course, the tasks you need to carry out.

Create business systems that are bespoke to you!

I see this a lot — people selling their system for you to use and adapt. Now look, systems can be daunting when you don’t really know what you should have included. So, looking at someone else’s can be helpful as an example. However, you should not use someone else’s systems, because, first of all lots of people will be using the same systems and tactics as you — don’t be a sheep!
And secondly, you are unique and this should come across in your business. No one can be you and you cannot be someone else. If you are following someone else’s bespoke strategies they may not be suited to your personality or even your audience. This would be a waste of time and money.

Keep it simple!

Do not over complicate things! Ultimately, your system is what you need it to be! It is the strategy and processes grouped together to achieve an outcome. That is it.
So, what are you going to do to achieve successful marketing, for instance? Do not feel you need to do all the things because that’s what you have been told that’s what you need to do. Look at where those people giving you that advice are. For instance, they may have a team and you are a one woman band. It would be impossible for you to do all the things that person is doing!
Start with the most powerful strategies for you and adapt them to make it better. Once you have nailed that strategy and automated/streamlined, then look to add an additional strategy. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey — as the saying goes.

Put yourself first!

Something that happens often, especially with women, is that we are so focused on being everything to everyone that we end up putting our needs last. You need to start making YOU a priority! Otherwise, you will burn out and be no help to others. So, make sure each day you are doing something for you! Even if it is having a hot coffee in peace without any tech!
All the systems in the world will not work if you are exhausted and not taking care of yourself.

I hope you have found this useful. If you would like some guidance on creating systems in your business get in touch and we can talk it over.



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