Why You Should Not Outsource, And What To Do Instead!

Leading a team of 15 people at one point. It takes a lot of work when you have a team.

The first is your business model

I need to be doing more things and you can kind of remove yourself from doing certain elements of that delivery.

Number two is slowly slowly don’t hire just because you feel that you need to be able to say I have a team

You know people can grow their business to six figures solo! I know plenty of people that have and you know, that’s something to be darn proud of. Right?

Number three, your business should have a profit so your business should have the profit margin there to be able to afford a team member

Just think of all the time and money you invest in outsourcing and training this person up, but if it is not sustainable and you have to eventually let them go — that is alot of wasted time and energy!

I’m not saying to run your business like a corporate Of course I’m not.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is that foundations are set up

They start to feel burnout creeping in.

You really need to be making sure that you are hiring someone to run your system.

That’s what most service based business owners want to do. They want to provide value.



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