Hello, welcome to another episode of What Would Charlotte do. And today I am talking about my love, in business. If you know me well, you will know what I’m talking about. And that is Asana. Now, I want to talk about why Asana is for you. Even if you may have thought that it just doesn’t work for you. Now, one of the main things that I come across with the people that have used Asana.

They then say it doesn’t work for me, it created more of a pickle. There’s always one reason that I find no matter how many clients that I’ve spoken to about this matter.

And that is that it’s not set up properly.

Now, The thing is, with any new tool that you take on in the business, if it’s not set up properly. It’s not going to work, and it’s going to become a hindrance. That’s what people have found when they have tried to look at Asana.

They have been recommended Asana and thought this amazing tool, it’s going to solve all my problems in business, it’s going to stop me from being overwhelmed. I’m going to dive right in and try this out.

And they jump in, they don’t really understand the functionality around Asana. They start putting the tasks in, and then they just don’t see the benefit to it. It’s a lot of manual work it’s a lot of recreating. And they say…

No, Asana isn’t for me.

Off they go and they look for another magic tool. Now, Asana. I truly believe can work for all businesses. And sure, it really depends on what you’re looking for from the particular tool. For me, I use Asana, as my central business hub. Everything in regards to my business will go through of Asana. That doesn’t say that I don’t use other tools, because of course, I do. I still have storage, I still have emails I still have other tools that I use.

But Asana is the glue that pieces, all of the moving parts together.

And by piecing, all the moving parts together, it means that I don’t spend my time becoming overwhelmed trying to figure out what I need to do and rewriting my list out because I haven’t got something done one day. It is a really simple way of being able to tell you what needs to be done, and it keeps you consistent.

So, if you create your systems within Asana, you are then able to make sure that every time you carry out a particular task that it’s going to be done consistently. And not only consistently, but it also means that you have created a business hub that’s easy to delegate. Now, even if you are thinking, I don’t want a team I don’t need a team.

You may, and I would guarantee actually, but you will need someone at least someone that’s going to be able to help you out in the future.

When that time comes, if you’ve built your business on solid foundations that are easy to delegate out, it means that you’re saving time you’re saving money by delegating to this particular person. And you’re also creating a really good experience for that team member because they know what’s expected of them. They know how you do something, so they are able to follow through on their particular task, the same way that you would do it. Your audience isn’t going to know any different, because it’s done the same way.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that someone should just follow your system and never have any input. Because as business owners we should be open to easier and better ways of doing things. When we hire a team member to take control of a particular task. If that team member then figures out that there’s actually an easier way or there’s a new tool that’s come into play that might be beneficial. We need to be, is because we are they’re not the person that’s in control of that particular task. So we need to be able to hand over that responsibility to that team member to be able to really add the value that they can to you in your business.

I hope that is really given you some food for thought, around Asana.

Have tried to sign up before, and you decided that it just is not for you? I would love for you to pop me a message and let me know why. If you haven’t tried Asana, but you’ve heard about it, you’re just a bit unsure whether or not it’s for you. Again, pop me a message, I love to hear from you. And I will be completely honest, around asana and if I am completely honest, I’ve not met a business owner that would not have benefited from Asana yet. But that’s not saying that there isn’t the business owner out there — maybe it is you?! It really is an amazing tool that will really remove that overwhelm for you and that’s what I want because overwhelm, then leads to burnout and no one wants to be in that position.