Why are systems so important to building strong business foundations?

Are you bored of hearing the same “You need to have systems!”? Or are you confused about why systems would make a difference to your business foundation? Are wondering if it is really worth all the effort? Sit tight because I am going to make the world of systems so much more interesting and simple.

Let’s start!

What are systems?

Simply put, systems are a group of processes that creates your desired outcome. You are very likely to already have systems in place. You just might not know it yet.

When should you have systems in place?

Systems should be created from the very beginning of starting a business so you can have a strong business foundation, but often that is not the case. More often than not, you will find that most people forget about systems at the beginning and then further down the line when the lack of systems becomes apparent, they become so overwhelmed that they don’t put them in place.

How do you know there is a lack of systems in your business?

You will usually find that a lack of systems really becomes apparent when you have regular clients and you start to look at growing your business. You get stuck when you start hiring a team to help you out because you need to give them directions and instructions on how you would like things done — only that’s hard to do because it’s all in your head.
Worst still, you hire a team and it’s complete chaos! Everyone is doing their own thing and they lack teamwork. You may also find that people don’t meet their deadlines.

What do systems bring to your business?

Having systems in place means your business can run like a perfectly well-oiled machine.
They are kept up-to-date and give you a guide to literally walk you through what needs doing, when and how.
It creates consistency — either you or a team member will do the tasks the same way every single time.
You can track metrics correctly, so you know what it’s working and what it’s not. Ditch the ones that are not working and increase what it is working.
You can streamline your tasks. When you write things down you can see things that are not required. So many times, clients create systems, look at their process and can’t actually answer why they’re doing one of the steps in the process. It’s really easy to see it when there is a system in place. It also means that you can see what can be automated.
You can save money. Automate manually completed tasks, so your team can concentrate on the other essential tasks.
Increase in your revenue. You are giving your clients the best experience to make a bigger impact and to get amazing results because you’re staying fresh and you’re adapting with the times. This, in turn, will bring in more referrals and more clients.

How can you create systems?

This doesn’t need to be complicated and, quite often, it’s where people get stuck.
You can create systems as you go along — it is only ever as difficult as you make it.
I recommend setting out the basis of how you’re going to document and store your systems, so you have the foundations there.
I actually have a masterclass on this that you can sign up for free if you want to see an example of how you can do this.
And then each time you sit down for the task, make sure that you’re jotting down exactly what you’re doing at each step. It will only take you a couple of minutes longer than it usually does but those couple of minutes will be so worth it when you have your systems in place.

I hope you have found this helpful.

I wanted to talk about systems this week because they will truly make a huge difference in your life and business, so I wanted to pinpoint some of the questions people ask the most. A lot of the time the reluctance of putting systems in place is because of the time restraints, but really doesn’t need to be that way. Having systems in place is absolutely crucial in order to have a strong business foundation and grow your business!
Until next week. Bye.



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