When Are Workflows Relevant In Business (or even life)?

Welcome to another episode of what would Charlotte do. Today I am covering a question that comes around a lot, and that is when should I create workflows.

When Are Workflows Relevant In Business (or even life)?
When Are Workflows Relevant In Business (or even life)?

So, everything that you’re creating, you should either be adapting your workflow. Or you should be creating a new workflow. One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve seen many business owners make is that they just jump straight into the action taken.

But actually, you need to have some thought around that particular process. Because what is working for someone else may not work for you. And you also need to see how it’s fitting in. Because, as with anything, you need to make sure that you’re creating a seamless journey for your customers.
So, if you’re just creating these ad hoc things. There’s no real process, there’s no real funnel that your potential clients or your clients are going through.

And you also need to know what tools you need, because again when people do this and they just go straight into the action taking. They end up buying all these new tools that they don’t really need.
So making sure that you have it figured out with what you want this process to look like eg a workflow is essential for every new offering that you have. Every old offering that you have, every new client onboarding process.

This means you can also figure out what you can automate — so what you can save money and time on. What you are doing that you don’t need to be doing? Are you duplicating stuff? What can you put together? So, what are you doing separately, that you could actually put together to save time and money?

Overall, because when you have the workflow in place. You are then able to go back and if you find any gaps in your workflow at a later date, which many people do! Then you can go back and you can fill that gap easily because you’ll know why that gaps occurred.

Whereas without a workflow. If something falls apart, it ends up in chaos, and we end up frantically trying to figure out what’s gone wrong. So making sure that you have workflows in place for everything is essential.

I hope that’s helped answer When Should You Create Workflows? If you have got any questions, as always, do drop me a message.