What it means to be conscious about what you are creating with Michelle Milner-Eradhun

About Michelle Milner-Eradhun:

I am a lover of all things business and spirituality, combining both to bridge the gap between people and how businesses operate in the world. Since 2009, I’ve helped entrepreneurs elevate their service-led businesses by using a step by step Conscious Business Framework model to shift them from stuck to flow, so they accelerate growth from a place of both business-savvy know-how and intuition.

I believe operating from a conscious place of kindness encourages everyone else to be kinder which makes for a kinder world, and this domino effect is where I feel true joy in my work and interactions.

I’m also an accredited Life Purpose & Law of Attraction coach, Reiki & Quantum-Touch practitioner, Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Medium in training, which I love! My methods and frameworks in business draw on these modalities. I often have my nose in a book, I love getting creative with drawing and painting, exploring new places or creating new memories with my friends and family loves.

Remember to download:7 Ways To Get From Stuck To Flow: An Entrepreneurs Guide To Flourishing



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