What Is The Most Important Business System You Need In Your Business From The Start?

What Is The Most Important Business System You Need In Your Business From The Start?

Hi, welcome back to another episode of what would Charlotte do. So today I’m going to be talking all about systems. And one important question around what systems should you have in place first. So, creating systems does take time, it. Everyone knows that there’s some time commitment that you’re going to need in order to create systems that are going to make your business and life easier further down the line.

There’s so many systems and processes that you need to have in your business now or yesterday or a week ago however you’d like to think about it. And people become overwhelmed with not knowing where to start. So I thought I would share my view of what the most important system is have in place first, and then to build on that shortly after. So, for me, the most important systems have in place is a marketing system. Because with marketing your cells are going to follow. So although people may disagree and say watch the I think a sales system is the one that you need to have in place.

Hear me out because I have got a reason here. So, when you start out in business and you sign a client. It’s fantastic. And you sign another client. And shortly after that, you become you sign on client sign on clients and you become so absorbed into doing the work that actually if one of those clients, if their project ends or they leave, or they have two holes working with you. You end up thinking.

I don’t know where to go now I need I desperately need to find another client, and with that comes you you’ve not been marketing because marketing can be time consuming. So, why I say to create a marketing system before the sale system and before any other system is because once you have your marketing system there. And you can start to automate and streamline it.

So, you’re not going to get to that point where you’re so time restrained in, in doing all the client work doing all the things that you stop your marketing because it can run in the background.

And although you want to add your marketing and maybe you want to do some off the cuff stuff. That’s fine and you can do that when you have time but actually having your core marketing processes strategies in place, means that you don’t then get to that point that you’re in panic mode trying to find your next client again. So I hope that’s helped.

But I think the markets in themselves, really into lock with each other. And although yes if you concentrate on putting together your marketing system, your first sow or yourselves may not come as quickly as if you were prioritising yourself system, art, you will be able to stay more consistent, you won’t get caught in that trap that others may have signed up client and got the sounds earlier on, but they haven’t set the foundations of their marks in so when that client leaves or finishes or whichever happens. They are going to be in a position where they’re frantically trying to get us out to replace that client, whereas you are going to be more consistent you’re going to have leads that you can reach out to.

I hope you found your answer to What Is The Most Important Business System You Need In Your Business From The Start. And as always if you have any questions that you’d like me to answer then let me know and I will happily do that for you. Until next week, bye.

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