What is a Business Assistant and why do you need one!

What is the difference between a Virtual Assistant, a Business Assistant and an Online Business Manager?

So, how would your business look when you’re established?

Another question is: “When to go higher?”

  • When you have a regular revenue from paying clients coming in monthly you would look at hiring a Virtual Assistant to help implement things.
  • When you have regular revenue and more paying clients but you need more help from your Virtual Assistant. You are finding it stressful to keep up with managing the Virtual Assistant’s workloads and providing the guidance to the Virtual Assistant’s needs, a Business Assistant will be your next addition to the team.
  • And then comes the Online Business Manager. You were struggling to create the strategies needed to tweak certain parts of your business. Your headspace feels limited and you are starting to struggle to manage everything and stay visible. Time is of the essence and you find yourself not adapting and staying stagnant with your business growth halted. That’s where your Online Business Manager will come in.

What does that investment look like?



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