To Virtual Assistant Or Not To…Oh Wait No OBM, No PM — What Do You Need?!

To Virtual Assistant Or Not To...Oh Wait No OBM, No PM - What Do You Need?!
  • Clear on the strategies that you are using, and the return that those strategies are bringing to you and your business — So you were tracking your metrics and you know that when you outsource this particular thing. You’re going to get a return on your investment from investing in a team member
  • You have looked at the automation side

And it’s really bloody tough

So I always like to say, especially when you’re starting out or you’re quite new in business. To keep things simple. Use minimal software to create the biggest impact with your software! So making sure that you are purchasing, only the right software and the software that it’s going to have multiple uses. Effectively, this works really really well, so rather than going out and spending £40 a month on one piece of software that does a particular purpose within your business. But you already have software that you pay for that could do that same thing, making sure that you were utilising the software that you already have before you’re going out and purchasing additional software.

Online Business Manager

An online business manager is someone that manages the operations. It’s someone that can manage your team, it’s someone that can manage your projects. Someone that can be the in between person of you and your team. Now, an online business manager is generally a monthly support person, it’s not a one off piece of support.

Project manager

Those who have really confused, an online business manager and a project manager. A project manager manages the projects, they don’t manage the operations they manage the projects. And with this, it’s generally that they will manage the bigger project. So as an example here, you will have your online business manager that is working monthly within your team, and then you will have.

Hybrid virtual assistant

For me, I believe that there is a gap between the virtual assistant space, and the business manager space. That for me is a hybrid virtual assistant. Now, you might be saying, What’s a hybrid virtual assistant? This is a role that I’ve created, because I found that there’s a huge gap between not only the financial aspect between hiring a virtual assistant and a business manager.

Specialised virtual assistant

Now, I think, when it comes to virtual assistants. People will often throw around the term unicorn VA, and ultimately, you know, that’s fine but actually what they’re expecting of this unicorn VA is too. It’s too much. Basically, in my eyes. The unicorn VA is more of a generalist, VA, and that’s someone that can do things, as opposed to they can kind of get involved with different things but they’re not essentially an expert at that thing.

Unicorn Virtual Assistant

And this is a unicorn VA because I think it’s just been thrown around and misread as being an expert at everything. No, but effectively a VI, as kind of a unicorn he’s more of a generalist VA, and generally they will be the ones that will need a bit of direction when it comes to putting together certain things, and this isn’t to say that they’re not amazing at what they do because they absolutely are.




Business Systems & automation consultant

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant

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