To Outsource Or Not To Outsource What Do You Really Need?

Today I’m talking about a question that I have been asked a lot more recently, and that’s around if you are ready to outsource or if you need some work on your foundations. Welcome to another episode of what would Charlotte do.

For most people, when they come to me and work with my team for implementation support. The majority of the time, they don’t have systems in place. I think that’s the same for most people, they focus so much on the sales, and the action taken in the actual systemising takes a bit of a back step.

Im sorry to break it here, but I am going to be completely honest, and the honest answer to this is that your business systems should come before hiring a team. And there are many reasons why. But the main reason is that when you have business systems in place. It enables you to delegate, a lot easier. And it means that the working relationship that you have with your team is going to be a lot more beneficial and you’re going to get a lot more of a return.

And there’s not any confusion about who’s responsible for what, so you don’t feel that you’ve been let down or that you haven’t got the return back on the investment that you’ve paid for your team. So by having your business system in place. It means that then when you hire a team. You have already looked at the automation of what you can automate. So then you’ve only got your team working on the things that you can’t automate and the things that are going to take your business forward. Because what a lot of people do is they have these tasks that are reoccurring, and they’re thinking.

And they then think I need to outsource and hire a team. They hire a team, and maybe a VA that VA comes in, and they say, Can you just do the task for me, VA does the tasks for them. But the VA is asking them questions, because, although that VA may be experienced in doing a particular task that VA is new to that client’s business, they don’t know how they like things done.

There is not one client of mine that does things the same, and ultimately without business systems what you’re doing is bottlenecking yourself. So you’ve hired this VA and this VA is now coming to you with lots of questions that could be answered, quite simply in a business system. When you hire a team at the right time which is when you have business systems in place. It means that the VA doesn’t have to come to you with all these questions. Sure, there might be the odd question that comes about, but effectively what you can do is hand that business system over to the VA, and the VA can follow it.

It means that you can then concentrate on driving your business forward because you’re not bottlenecking yourself and creating a lot of questions that your VA is having to come to you and ask.

I hope that’s helped and I hope that’s helped with a bit of an explanation as to if you are ready to outsource or if you need something else. If you have got any questions at all, then do let me know because I’m happy to answer them. And I love how can you guys so do get in touch if you have anything that you would like me to answer.