The ‘Scalability’ Test — Are Your Current Systems Scalable Or Are They Going To Crash And Burn?

Are Your Current Systems Scalable Or Are They Going To Crash And Burn? So, with business systems, they provide a lot of support to businesses, and without them. It makes a business a real struggle.
Having business systems in place can create consistency. It creates the ease it saves you time, It saves you money. And there are tonnes of other benefits of having scalable business systems in place.
But there’s a lot of people that have come to me and I’ve said, I have business systems, they’re not really working for me or I’ve outgrown them

And these are things that I hear all the time.

The 'Scalability' Test - Are Your Current Systems Scalable Or Are They Going To Crash And Burn?
The 'Scalability' Test - Are Your Current Systems Scalable Or Are They Going To Crash And Burn?

For me, having business systems in place, you should never outgrow. You should only ever grow with them. So, that means if you are outgrowing your business systems, they weren’t scalable. Having scalable business systems in place means that you remove yourself as a bottleneck you are not going to create yourself an entirely new role, that’s going to overwhelm you.

Because you’ve actually ended up having to oversee everything anyway. So I’m going to give you six ways that you can create your scannable business systems that aren’t going to crash and burn.

So, Dream away here. What do you want, in the future? And this isn’t going to be a sticking point. It doesn’t mean that what you say now is what you have to have in the future because things change. But just roughly what you want from your life really really helps you to create that in your business.

So, do you want to be able to step away from your business?

Do you want to be able to sell your business? Want to still really be involved in your business but maybe you want a particular role in that? So maybe you want to just concentrate on your content? Or maybe you want to just concentrate on marketing? There are things that light us up. And what we want from our life and business is very very different from each other. So making sure that you’re looking at your future plan in where you want to mean that you are going to be able to create scalable business systems that are going to work towards your future.

So many times, business owners end up confused and overwhelmed about what they need to be doing. And that’s because they haven’t streamlined the stuff that doesn’t work. So, what works for one person in business isn’t going to work for someone else.

And what someone likes doing so if they like to do a video.

Other people are going to like to do videos business is not a one size fits all. And by streamlining, it means that you are able to hash out the stuff that’s not working, remove it from your focus remove it from your mind and focus on the stuff that is working.

So, this is planning out the roles that your team are going to play, and the responsibilities of those roles. So, what do you want a team to look like? And again, this will work alongside your future fan, because if you want to step away from your business, you’re going to want to have a CEO in place, you’re going to want to have your directors in place, you’re going to want to have your managers in place and you’re going to want to have your team in place.

But if you want to still play a part in that.

There may be you, the role that it looks like maybe you are the CEO still so maybe you still want to be very much involved, and then you have directors and managers alive in the team. So really looking at what you want that team to look like. And again, don’t panic, thinking, I cannot afford this, This is what you want it to eventually be, because as with anything, working from what you want, backwards means that you’re creating something that’s going to work for the long run.

So, always looking past you. Not everything should be coming through you. And when you’re hiring people, they should have a particular responsibility. And sure, they may get things wrong. We’re human, and it takes a while to embed how you like things done. But once you’ve done that and you’ve taken the time for that team member to really adjust to it, it’s going to bring a whole range of benefits with that.

So making sure that you’re looking past you.

And it is just you so for instance if you had some approvals come through. Who are you going to let approve them? Everything shouldn’t need to come through you, because otherwise, you’re bottlenecking yourself and you’re going to end up becoming overwhelmed and burning out because you cannot simply do it all.

So, how are you going to hire this team? So again, if we’re going back to revisiting your response your team’s responsibilities your overall look of your team. How are you going to hire those people? You might have one currently and it’s not really worked out. Then there are some gaps that we need to address. Have you got a hiring process in place? A lot of people don’t. A lot of people just go with the recommendation.

Oh, that person says they’re great so they must be great.

And that’s a really big mistake to make because, again, we’re all individuals we all have different thoughts we all have different ways of working, and we all have very different expectations.

So making sure that you hire the person is right for you, is paramount and the way you can do that is to have your hiring process in place. So making sure that you’re looking at the person that you’re going to be hiring. Are you more interested in their experience or are you more interested in their personality and their adaptability, making sure that you’re looking at these things is really really important to make sure that you’re hiring the right people.

I am not a big fan of having systems that are documented and filed. I don’t think they get revisited. It takes a lot longer for someone to look at that and it’s not as easy and not as user friendly as other ways of doing systems.
So if you’re creating processes that are in the document form, you end up having to just share an entire folder with a team member, and for that team member, it’s overwhelming. Because there’s so much that they’ve got to take in. It’s so much easier if you can easily assign a particular process, task or what you need that team member to do, just by clicking a button.

Making sure that you’re using the right software to host your systems, and to really work with you and your team, again, is really really important to make sure that they’re scalable. Because otherwise you may have the right person in place, and you may have been doing the right thing.

But if you’re sending them a huge folder full of stuff. It’s going to break down there.

And not only that, it’s going to be a lot more time consuming and you’re probably then going to be paying for a lot more of their time to try and get ahead in something that could be made simpler.

So I hope that’s helped you see Are Your Current Systems Scalable Or Are They Going To Crash And Burn? If you do have business systems in place and you don’t really feel that they’re working for you, then do send me a message because I have something really exciting coming up that I think you will really like. And if you do like the subject of business systems if there’s something specific, you would like me to cover. Again, pop me a message because I would love to do that for you.