The Biggest Hiring Mistakes

The Biggest Hiring Mistakes

1. Lack of clarity on the role

Quite often, I find that people think of a virtual assistant as being the jack of all trades. Being the master of all. A unicorn. And, in actual fact, a virtual assistant is an implementer. They are told what to do, and they do that thing. They cannot create a marketing strategy that’s effective for your business.

2. Expecting a unicorn

You cannot expect one person to be an expert in everything to do with business. And although virtual assistants predominantly have their own business. They would do a lot of the things that you’re asking them to do for their own business. It doesn’t mean that they have experience with it, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be able to be a marketer or they are able to be a salesperson.

3. Not clear on the responsibilities

So, again, you need to be really really clear before you hire someone on what their responsibilities are going to be. You need to be able to tell them the responsibilities because, ultimately, like, everyone. They may be virtual assistants, but their skill sets could be very, very different. So what they’re going to be responsible for will be different, and you need to be clear on what you want that virtual assistant to be.

4. You don’t have your systems and processes in place

So, this kind of steps upon having your foundation set up. So, most of the time, what happens in business is, we set out, and our objective is to make sales logical, we need to make money, so we need to make sales. And then, the more sales we get, the more money we get. Then, the less time we have. And what we then find is that everything is in our heads and everything needs to be done by us, and we have bottlenecked ourselves. And I get it when you’re starting out in business. You think I don’t need systems and I don’t need processes.

5. You’re not investing the time to hire the right person

So again, most of the time people aren’t planning, they’re not forecasting, and therefore they’re not preparing for when they expect that they would need to hire a team member. And what then happens is you, you really push for getting this out you push for doing the business you push for growing the business and you push for all these other things that actually when the business thing grows, you’re in a state of emergency because you’re, you’re thinking, I really need some support now. And actually, I needed support a week ago.

6. Not clear on your budget for expectations

If you are expecting a really, really big skill set or experience. So for an example here. We’re sticking with virtual assistants as an example. If you want someone that has the corporate experience that has worked at board level or above. You are going to be paying more. It’s the same as anything. If you are a smaller business locally, and they have a PA, working in their business.

I hope this article on 6 Hiring Mistakes To Avoid has helped

It’s quite a long video site, but it’s something that’s really, really important and I think especially for businesses that are really growing is just to understand that actually, if you avoid these main mistakes that I find people make when hiring, the team life is so much simpler.




Business Systems & automation consultant

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant

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