Success. It’s all in the System

Success. It’s all in the System

1. Admin

So, admin, it’s not a sexy word for many, I know that. But admin is essential. Every business has an admin that you need to take care of. And ultimately, one of the processes that I find essential that you need to have in your admin system is your client management. Now, that’s because when you take on your client.

2. Marketing

Because you need to be able to market your business. Now, marketing is not the only thing that’s going to bring in clients, and I don’t recommend that people only focus on marketing to bring in clients. That’s a huge thing, of course, your marketing should bring in sales. But you do need to be looking at it more about building your brand awareness. So you need to constantly be pushing your brand out there to become well known to really carve out your place in your industry. And the way to do that is through marketing. One of the main processes that I believe should be part of your marketing system is your content management.

3. Sales

Again, you can’t just focus on the marketing aspect and think that that’s going to bring in all the sales. You need to be going out there and getting the sales. So although your marketing may lead to warm prospects going through your sales journey. You need to make sure that you are actually asking for the sale, and going out there finding the people. Because the online world is a noisy place to be. And a lot of the time, no matter how much you’re putting yourself out there, you will find that people who have not seen you are heard about you.

4. Finance system

So, this is something that many of us hide away from because we don’t want to know where we are financially. Especially as ladies, we don’t like talking about money. But essentially, you need to have a finance system in place so you know where you are at, and it doesn’t need to be a huge, huge system that’s really time-consuming.
You just need to know where you are at month in month out in order to achieve your goals. Because ultimately to have goals that are achievable. You need to make sure that you are being specific, and being specific means that you add numbers.

5. HR system

So, when you are in the growth stage, that’s usually around the time when you’re getting close to scale. That you would be looking to hire team members that for most people, that’s the scenario. Now, in order to hire successfully.




Business Systems & automation consultant

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant

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