Steps To Take To Review Your Business System

Steps To Take To Review Your Business System
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And the good news here is, as long as you keep on top of it, it won’t become a massive task that needs to be done

Generally, the rule of thumb is around reviewing your business systems every 90 days. It’s like when you’re planning for your business you’re planning ahead you’re looking at strategies, making sure that you look at the business systems and what their return on investment is back into your business. And whether or not they’re actually achieving the goal that you want them to be is a really good place to start.

You then need to look at the strategies that you’re using

So are the strategies, generating a return. So for instance, if you’re doing email marketing. Are you getting the return that you expect in order to achieve your overall marketing objective? If the answer to that is no. Or it’s not doing as well as you expected, then it would be time to look at a different strategy or tweaking the existing strategy.

Now it is time to look at the process

So, has the technology evolved so could there be something that you could automate now to save some time maybe save some operating costs. It’s really good to look at the process and just see whether or not that part of the process is still serving. So for instance, if you’re going to be posting on social media X amount of time a week. Is that actually generating anything back, or is there one particular platform that you’re getting more from? So maybe you need to be concentrating on that platform and posting more there and just keeping up your appearance on the other platforms.

Also, then looking at the tools that you’re using

So, for each strategy, or process. Are you using tools or are you really utilising the tools that you’re using? So is there a tool that you could be using for something for another process as well which means that you are then removing at all from your overall toolbox, so you don’t want to become overwhelmed with having tonnes of tools to be using when actually you can maybe use one or two.

And then looking at the people that you’re using

So, especially if you have a team, making sure that you are utilising that team, making sure that what they’re doing is actual strategies tasks that are actually going to bring something back to your business because you’re paying out for that team, you want to make sure that what they’re doing is worth the time that they’re spending doing it. There’s no point having someone on the team that’s doing something that doesn’t really bring anything back, that doesn’t really bring any return in, and you’re paying for it. So make sure that your team is being utilised as it should be.




Business Systems & automation consultant

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant

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