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Scale with easy to delegate systems. Now, one of the main things that I find with business systems is that they haven’t evolved. So many people are still doing them the same way from years ago. And it ends up in overwhelm because they’re not set out in a sustainable way.

They are set out in document view which one is really really boring, as the reader to be reading a huge document. Full of processes and systems. And two, it makes it really hard to delegate because the end-user is going to really struggle to sit there and read a huge document.

So, my whole thought process, and methodology around systems, is to create systems that are scalable and easy to delegate.

That they are sustainable that they are going to grow with your business, and that they are actually going to be used. Now, for so many people I know that they have set up business systems and they haven’t used them.

And one of the main reasons because of that is because of the way that they are set out. They’re set out in a really complicated fashion, and it often means that when you open up the document, you’re just left overwhelmed. You don’t even want to start with it so you just go and fly by the seat of your pants and just figure it out as you go along.

This means that you end up with, not a very good sustainable way of being able to keep things consistent throughout your business. Now, creating systems to easy to delegate. Let’s get into the main 6 points of Scale With Easy To Delegate Systems.

1. You have a set process to follow

Having a set process means that you are able to easily analyse your return on investment. So what’s working and what’s not working. And you know that that set process can be amended to fit the times. So you are able to easily evolve with those set processes.

2. Gives you clarity on what’s working and what to spend time on

Now, this is really important when it comes to hiring a team because you want to make sure that the things you are asking your team to do. Are things that are going to bring you a return. So, there is no point in giving your team things to do. That actually brings no return or any benefit to your business.

You want to make sure that you are giving them the things that are working. So if for instance here if you are using a particular strategy for your marketing, and it’s not working. But then you ask your team to do that strategy is still not going to work, you need to look at what the problem is. Why is it not working, and you need to change that up and amend it? You can only do that when you are clear on what’s working. And you are tracking the metrics, so you know, the numbers that matter?

3. Is it’s easy to adapt to new trends

I’m going to use marketing here as an example because I think marketing is one of those things that’s really important, but it’s also really really difficult to keep on top of all the changing trends, or the change in social media platforms, or the changing algorithm or the change in what’s working, what’s actually bringing consumers in.

Because ultimately, ultimately with marketing your consumers become blind-sighted to marketing, because if it’s the same strategies that different companies are using, they become boring and stagnant, and you don’t want that. So you want to make sure that you have a system there that’s easy to adapt when new trends come in.

4. Is no more paperwork overloads

We do not want systems that are created on a Word document stored in your cloud, and never looked at it again because they’re overwhelming. They’re just a huge chunk of writing, and it takes much longer to adapt to a system that’s created on the Word document, and while it does laying it out in a really sustainable and easy to delegate way.

5. Your team spent the time on the right things. After automation

So, here is another common mistake that I find is that business owners actually get their team members to work on things that don’t bring a return and that can be automated. They also get them working on the things that are boring. Now, no one wants to sit there and work on the things that are boring.

But ultimately, there are always going to be things that some people enjoy about a role and some people don’t enjoy it, that that’s a life that’s business.

But what you want to do is make sure that you free up as much of your team’s time as you possibly can for them to evolve and for them to generate the IDs and to generate the evolution of where your business is going to go.

So for instance if you have a team member that’s working on your marketing. You don’t want them to just be sitting there doing the implementation of the marketing if it can be automated. You want them to come up with strategies. So you need to free up their time by automating so they can focus in their zone of genius.

6. Consistency for bigger results you want results from your efforts

And one of the ways to do that is to make sure that you are really really consistent throughout. And by having systems there. That means you stay consistent and things are done at the same time the same way. Each and every time they are done.

Now, I hope that’s helped with Scale With Easy To Delegate Systems.

As always if you have any questions then pop me a message and I’ll be happy to answer them.



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