Productivity Lacking? It Could Be A Sign Of….

Hello, so you’re lacking productivity consistently. Now, this doesn’t mean that you were just feeling unproductive, on the day. This is when you are lacking productivity consistently. That means that you feel that you’ve been lacking productivity, the majority, if not every day.

Now, the reason I’m making this content this week is because I want to build the awareness around burnout. And the burnout warning signs that most of us have before burnout hits. Because time and time again, people will come to me and they say, not just hit.

Productivity Lacking? It Could Be A Sign Of....
Productivity Lacking? It Could Be A Sign Of....

One day, it just hit me, and it’s taken me months if not some people years to come back from burnout. Now, burnout is something and it’s a word that’s thrown around a lot. Ultimately burnout doesn’t mean anything to you, unless you know the warning signs. Unless you can relate yourself to being burnt out, and most of us can’t.

So when we are on the road to burnout, we can feel exhausted. We can feel that we are doubting ourselves doubting our ability. We can feel that we have just lost enthusiasm, we can ultimately feel somewhat depressed sometimes. And what people will often say is, burnout hit you. Now how can you bounce back from burnout, but ultimately I want to try and build up the awareness around burn the burnout stage, so you can stop yourself burning out!

Some people years to come back and burnout can leave really severe problems for us personally. That we will have, and these aren’t just kind of mental mental illnesses such as feeling depressed and overwhelmed and kind of coming back. It can also be your physical health as well. So it can create migraines, you can be left feeling that maybe you’re, you’re, you haven’t gotten appetite, so you’re not eating the correct diet. Which then affects our mental well being as well.

That’s why I think it’s really really important to be building up this awareness around burnout and the burnout warning signs before burnout happens. So, if you are lacking productivity consistently. It is a warning sign that you are on the road to burnout.

We’ll all sit there and think, Oh, I’ve got this task and I really don’t want to do this task. What else can I do, and that’s kind of us, as daily, you know, things in our life and in business. Not every single thing that we do, we’re going to enjoy and that ultimately leads to procrastination.

But there’s a really big difference here if you are feeling that you are lacking the productivity, daily, every day. Maybe it’s a task that you usually enjoy, and you’ve actually started just feeling unproductive with it. That is a warning sign that you need to change something up, to be able to get off of this road of burnout.

So the first step is to understand the warning signs around burnout and to relate to those signs. Because ultimately what most of us will be feeling is when we are on this rotor burnout. We brush the symptoms under the carpet because we just think, now that’s business, that’s life. And we kind of charged through. So this is ultimately to give you a pause to make you kind of see if you are on the road to burnout. Or if you’re just having a bad day.

If you are feeling that you are lacking the productivity daily, and you’re sitting there and it’s something. It’s a task that maybe you’ve enjoyed previously, and now you’ve aren’t feeling like that maybe you’re feeling a bit of a chore. Maybe you’re not really taking enjoyment in anything, and anything that you’ve kind of taken enjoyment in previously.

And this is something that many people don’t talk about because we associate burnout as being caused and come from our work lives and our lack of balance. Now, although that’s true. It actually stems into our personal lives as well. It doesn’t just mean that if you are feeling that you’re getting burnt out or you’re feeling on this road that you are just you’re tired and you’re exhausted. You’re not enjoying doing certain things. It’s not just within your business scope you will be feeling this in your personal life as well.

And that’s also a telltale sign that you are lacking productivity and potentially on that road to burnout. So what can you do to change and to take that next road off? The biggest thing that you can do is as I’ve stepped upon you can you can see that you are on this road, you can relate to. Okay, I’m feeling that I’m on this road to burnout. I need to change something. It’s May it’s, it’s kind of admitting that you are on this road, and you are seeing that things need to change.

Now this is a term that’s thrown around so much, especially when it comes to burnout. But it really is important, you need to be taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Now some ways that really really helped to do this is through mindfulness. So, meditation, if you don’t really meditate just having some quiet time, just taking yourself off for 10 minutes 15 minutes whatever you can. You can do to sit there with no distractions, and just fall into yourself, just be in the present, be in the now, and kind of rebalance yourself.

I run, I know I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve always loved running. But running for me has been my coping method because it gets me out, and with running. It means that I am not going to be pulled into checking my phone and checking my emails and checking social media.

It means that I can disconnect myself from anything else that’s happening. And I can focus on where I am now. I’ll take my dog with me so we go and we play on the beach and we just have time out. It’s 30 minutes, you know, people might say that’s not very long. But that’s all it takes is just that little bit of exercise, to be able to reconnect yourself to the now and to feel better about yourself. Because it releases all great things in our body to make us feel good, and to make us feel more capable of being able to cope with the day ahead.

And then we need to be looking at your diet, and where you are with that. Are you are you kind of comfort eating which I know I’m guilty of sometimes where the day will be tough. I will reach for the chocolate bar. But it’s making sure that you’re eating well and you’re making time to eat. Because this is something that many people that are that are struggling with productivity and on the road to burnout feel is that they don’t have time to eat.

That you are making that a necessity. It’s not, it’s not a nice to have. We need to eat. We need to be nourished, we need to be eating good things and a good balanced meal. Now, I’m not saying that you have to spend tonnes of time making this this massive meal. It’s that you just need to be making sure that you are taking care of yourself and you are eating at regular intervals. With your eating comes your drinking, making sure that you are drinking water. And there was something I was told, years ago, that has been game changing for me.

So, what you should do when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is to drink a litre of water. Or at least a cup of water. And that’s because throughout the night. We’re not drinking water, we’re not hydrating ourselves. By waking up in the morning, we can feel a bit dehydrated a bit tired a bit lethargic. By drinking the water straightaway when we wake up. It means that we are re hydrating ourselves and we are setting ourself up for the day.

Making sure that you were drinking water throughout the day to keep your hydration up. And again, people say, I don’t have time or I don’t like water. You know, if you don’t like water then maybe get the little flavoured juices that you can get their sugar free. And you can you can use that in water to make sure that you are you are hydrating yourself. You need to make sure that you are staying hydrated.

So that’s our tips for today I hope you have found them useful. If you are feeling that you are lacking productivity and you need to you need to pull yourself off of this road of burnout. Then make sure that you are bringing in some new routines, there’s tonnes and tonnes of tips online. These are just some of the tips that I have found really really useful to be able to use in business and that hasn’t been too time consuming and and too much of a time commitment for me.

So make sure that whatever you are doing, you were doing, and it’s in a sustainable way. It’s not something that you’re just going to feel that, oh, I need to do this extra thing I need to find more time to do this. It’s all about doing something that’s going to make you feel good.

And once you have done that, you’re going to find that your productivity is much much higher, and you get that productivity back. That’s ultimately what we want, we want to be making sure that the time that we have, we are using wisely, and we are not wasting it, because that’s why we feel unproductive and when we feel unproductive.

Or we could have done more, and then we go into this spell of kind of comparing ourselves to our peers because we’re failing or they’re doing it they’ve got it all sorted, why haven’t I and it ends up in this kind of spiral of just self doubt, and that then leads to overwhelm and exhaustion, which then in turn, once it’s been happening for for quite a long time usually before burnout hits. That’s when it’s very hard to come back.

If you have any questions, so if you are feeling that you need some support in your business. We have our brand which is burnout Slayer toolbox, which consists of many different levels of support that we have all from free support with our podcasts and our blogs, and our, our guides that we’ve put together we’ve got an amazing quiz that’s going to be going live very very soon.

And then we also have our courses and our programmes to be able to help you through and our product range that’s aimed to make you take, take, take care of yourself. So it’s, it’s all there to be made to be able to make you put yourself first and start looking after yourself and to and to feel great about yourself, and all the way through to our agency and consultancy side. If you are feeling that you are on that road, implementing some of these tips but you’re still feeling that you, you’re under pressure. Come and see me, hop on over to the DMS, and I will be more than happy to chat with you, and see where you are and see what we can do to get you, get you off that burnout road.