Online Business Manager — the ultimate guide to how an Online Business Manager helps you

What is an Online Business Manager?

What is the difference between an online business manager and virtual assistant?

When should I hire an online business manager?

  • Struggling to keep up with all the things
  • Lacking the headspace to get creative when the time comes to put a new offer out to your audience,
  • Feeling exhausted and drained from trying to keep all the moving parts together
  • Feeling panicky at the thought of launching

How do I find the ‘right’ online business manager?

  • More money in the bank
  • Your systems and processes in place
  • More time to train the right person
  • Increased your clients/leads

…Not going to happen.

What is the investment?

What are the benefits of hiring an online business manager?

  • Doubled revenue in one month
  • Increased audience via email list by 60%
  • Added an entirely new revenue stream in a week
  • Gained industry authority
  • Created a sold-out event
  • Tapped into a network of other professionals
  • Coached through ideas to make them a reality
  • Validated business development ideas
  • Clear headspace to take the business to a new level

In conclusion



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