Maintaining visibility is essential in business. If no one knows you exist, how are they meant to know that you can help them with your product or service? It is very easy to become complacent and forget that you need to maintain visibility.

Most of the time this is because you have paying clients and customers so your time becomes restricted. That is a huge mistake. Not only do you need to be visible you need to be consistently visible. Almost predictable for when you are going to show up. We are humans, humans like to know what to expect!

So here I am going to go through the six ways that you can be consistently visible.


You need a plan you need to plan out what visibility strategy you were going to use. Will you concentrate on video? Audio. Written? This is one that can easily become muddled. Often you decide on a format you think you need to be doing. Not one that you enjoy doing. Which then means that you end up chopping and changing because it’s a chore you don’t enjoy it and it then becomes unpredictable. Therefore it lacks the impact and return you desire. You also need a strategy of how you will be partnering up with people to deliver content and increase your visibility outside of your usual audience.


You’ve been consistently visible. You’re exhausted. You are asked what’s working for you. Where are your leads coming from? If the answer to this is I don’t know then I can easily say it is because you are not tracking your metrics, which is a huge mistake. With every aspect of business you need to track what the return is. So, what is working for those strategies that you’ve put in place because although you maybe mirroring someone else’s proven strategy. It does not mean it will work for your audience. There are different elements here, such as a different audience they relate to different types of content. Your messaging, it may not speak to your audience if it’s someone else’s structure. So it is key to track what is working to avoid wasting your time and money.


What content plan will you use? What days what times what platforms will you be on? You need to know exactly what day and time you are needed to be where. So, if you are scheduling your content you need to schedule on the same day and time every single week without fail. If you are doing a Facebook live you need to do it the same day and time every week this will make sure that people can join you live and engage. You are connecting in groups. You need to have a plan of what you were going to do in the groups. For example, are you in there to engage with a particular topic to answer questions? Make sure you have the search term ready. This means that you do not waste time scrolling and procrastinating about what you’re actually meant to be doing in there.


No matter what happens you must stay consistent. When it comes to visibility one of the main reasons why businesses fail to reap the rewards of visibility is because they end up signing up clients and get leads in the pipeline and then the visibility strategy becomes non-urgent. And eventually falls off altogether. This is a huge mistake. Those clients that you have will eventually leave or change Direction and that means that you are then left starting over again and building up your visibility. Remember visibility is a long-term strategy. So as you can imagine it then takes a long time to work and set the wheels in motion and to actually get the word out there of who you are and what you do.


Visibility is all about who you and your business are. What do you stand for? What are your missions? What’s your story? A lot of the time we can start saying what we think people want to hear is not what we truly believe. Do not get sucked into that. As humans we want to be liked and loved by everyone but reality is not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone will agree with your views and guess what? That’s ok, do not hold back being who you truly are because being you will attract the people that are right for you. If you pretend to be someone, you truly aren’t then you will attract the wrong people which then ends in disaster. Word of caution here. Stay away from views that are on sensitive topics they can ruin your brand. If you’re getting involved in controversial conversations make sure they are constructed bed back without an argument.


This is a big one for me. I am a true believer in collaboration over competition that is who I am. I enjoy making friends in similar Industries, people who we can brainstorm ideas with and provide valuable feedback. Also, refer our clients between which is so unbelievably powerful to work alongside people doing similar things. Not only does it open you up to other networks and audiences, you also get raving fans that will refer clients to you when they’re not the right fit for them. Even if you do similar things there is only ever going to be one you. The clients will select you over others because they were onto you and your brand. If they select your competitor, they were not the right fit for you to move on to find others are the right fit.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s content on maintaining visibility for you and your brand.



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