I need help, but not sure what business support is best

Business support


You need some business support help, but you are not sure what. That’s why you’re here. And that’s what I’m going to talk through today for you.

So you have a successful business, and you’re growing it, and it feels amazing. To know that you’re growing this business that really growing into something that’s amazing and into your vision. But you’re starting to get strained with time. You’re starting to feel overwhelmed by juggling all the things. So someone suggested to you about outsourcing. And you think that’s what you need to do.

Why yes outsourcing is a complete game changer in business. It’s not always outsourcing that you need when you first think of it. So, I hear you saying, but I’m overwhelmed. I’ve got so much going on. I need someone else to help me.

Actually, the first step for business support, when you are feeling overwhelmed and you’re feeling quite stuck with time

Is to review what’s going on. So you really need to look through your workflows in order to figure out what’s working. What’s not working, what’s bringing in return and investment. How are you spending your time. Are you spending your time on things that are bringing your return in investment? Or are you spending your time on things that are not? Have you automated.

They are the key points that you really need to be looking at before hiring support

If you have done that already, then yes, outsourcing and hiring a business support team is probably the right thing for you to do now. But, if this is a first time and you haven’t done that work yet and you haven’t looked through your workflows and you haven’t automated, and you haven’t streamlined, then I would highly suggest you do that, because, although outsourcing is a game changer.

It is an investment that you need to pay from your business, and you want it to be an investment, you want it to generate something back to you

But if you outsource things that are bringing you a return in investment, then you’re, it’s not an investment, it’s an expense. So in order to outsource smartly, and make sure that what you are doing. You are getting back, and you’re getting more back than what you’re paying out, in order to get that work done.

It is important to really know what’s happening. And not only that, when you are doing this work, and when it does come to the point that you need to hire a team or you need to outsource some tasks. You are able to outsource the things that can’t be automated. So you’re not paying for someone to do stuff that you can automate a much lower price. So you really need to delve in, put together what you’re doing regularly and cannot be automated, and lots of the time it can be.

If you can automate that it means that the investment you’re going to pay in order to outsource is going to be lower because you’re going to have the processes and tasks automated to such an extent that the person that’s been helping you, is going to be helping you on the things that can’t be and the things that really need to have someone doing it for you.

Make sure that you have gone through you’ve delved into what’s happening what’s going on, you’re tracking metrics, and you’re really in a position where you can then say, okay, I’ve automated what I can I have streamlined my processes, and I’m still struggling for time. When you’re in that position. You will then be in the right position in order to hire a team.

But it also means that the investment that you’re going to be paying for business support is going to be lower

Which then means that you’re going to actually generate a return from that person. Because if your team member is not generating you money, then that’s not the right thing for them to be concentrated on. For instance, if you have someone that sat there that’s doing your content calendar or content library and updating that that can be automated. And it’s not really generating you anything back.

That’s actually a loss, and it’s an expense because you’re paying that person to update a database that can be all updated automatically. So you could pay a £20 fee or something quite low. In order to get that automated whereas you could be paying someone £25-£30 for an hour of their time doing that task.

Really make sure that you have looked through what’s going on in your business, what you can automate your workflows. I hope that example was helpful. But, as I say, outsourcing is fantastic. It is something that all business owners are going to have to do at some point in their business journey, but just make sure that you’re doing it at the right time. And with the right team. I hope you found it helpful and if you have any questions that you would like me to answer.

Then, do send me a message, and I’m happy to do that for you.

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