How You Can Get Business Systems Almost Instantly?

How You Can Get Business Systems Almost Instantly?

How You Can Get Business Systems Almost Instantly?
How You Can Get Business Systems Almost Instantly?
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So, how can you get business systems, almost instantly? That’s what I’m going to cover today.

So, for a lot of people. The word business systems throw up a lot of fear. A lot of fear that they’re not going to have the time to do it fair that they know that they need them. But they’re putting them off. I wanted to give you my six ways that you can create business systems, almost instantly, and it enables you to make sure that your business systems once incorporate into your business can scale alongside your business. Which means that you’re not going to have to be in this position again, where you are torn between creating business systems and taking that time out of your business in order to do that.

So, you want to plan where you want to go. And the reason that I say a plan that comes into business systems, is because you need to know the strategies that you’re going to use. Because if you don’t have to strategies, how are you going to create business systems. It’s not going to work so you need to make sure that you are planning your planning the strategies, you’re going to use that you’re planning the tools that you’re going to use for your planning your goals in what you want to achieve and your milestones and you’re planning. Where you want you and your business to be.

So again, following quite closely to plan in, you want to look at where your business is going to be, and your life, in your future. So, what I mean here is, do you want to sell your business. Do you want to create a business that enables you to take a month-long holiday?

What do you want from your business and life, and this isn’t about thinking where you are now because where you are now you are probably feeling quite stuck and feeling very overwhelmed, very frustrated, kind of really lacking in pushing your business forward. Because you don’t have the time you don’t have the money you don’t have the energy you don’t have the headspace.

So, you want to be thinking about where you want to be. What you’re looking at now vs where you don’t want to be. So, what’s the opposite to what’s causing you the biggest problem currently, that you don’t want to take forward?

And that’s going to form part of your vision. So you really need to know what you want this business in your life to be in order to create the business systems that are going to work for you.

So, where are your business systems going to be stored? Where are they going to be maintained, what frequency, are they going to be maintained. You want to look at this because you want to make sure that your business systems are sustainable, because if you just end up having business systems that are documented stored in a cloud drive, never really looked at again, or they’re just very text-heavy is not going to work for someone that isn’t used to working with text-heavy documents, it’s going to be overwhelming and it’s going to mean that it’s not followed as easily. You want to make sure that you are storing your systems in a place it’s easy to navigate that’s easy to pick up and it’s easy to follow.

So you want to create business systems that are scalable, that is going to work alongside you going forward. You do not want to create business systems that are reliant on you in your business because you’re bottlenecking yourself and further down the line you’re going to find it very difficult to step away from your business, and ultimately I think the majority of us if not all of us want to create a business that isn’t reliable on us.

And that’s the smart move to make. That’s why the majority of us move on to a business that way. And the reason being is because if you are unable to work for instance if you have an accident. If you are in hospital if you if there’s an emergency and you need to be around. You need to make sure that your business can continue to run. Because if it can’t, then you’re in serious problems and making sure that where you are going is fitting with your vision. So, where do you want to be making sure that the scalability side of that is coming into your business systems?

Of course, consistency was going to be here. So, are you documenting your systems, consistently. Are you following a set structure for your systems? Is it easy to follow. So if one of your team is following one of your systems. Another system that they may then dip into is that the same ways, are they going to be able to follow it the same way. So, as an example here if you create your business systems, and you create a video of the process you create it documented. And then you have the procedure following on from that process is all of your systems documents in that same manner, because if they’re not, you’re opening yourself up to a lot of problems.

So, are you making your life more complicated, the more that needs to be? Are you really creating business systems that are simple, but they’ve got a structure that easy to follow. You’re not incorporating the huge corporate way of creating business systems for your small business. And yes, corporate is amazing.

And they have systemised to the max. But that way of systemising can become overwhelming, it can become unsustainable. For a small business owner, corporate has a lot more employees they have a lot more ways of keeping up that high standard of their business systems and incorporating it and maintaining it.

They have a team working on their business systems for a small business owner, we don’t have that we do not have a team that specifically working on business systems full-time day in, day out, we need to make sure that we are creating business systems that are suitable for small business.

So, for a business that doesn’t have 1000s of employees that doesn’t have hundreds of teams that are working full time on a particular area. You need to make sure that you are really documenting your systems to a really good extent, but also making sure that they are for small business, not for a huge corporate because unless you want to become a huge corporation.

So, I hope you found that really really helpful. I know business systems you would think I want them incorporated now, and I get it, but ultimately to create business systems, you do need to invest some time. And although with these tips you can create them almost instantly, because these are things that you should be doing throughout your business already.

So by incorporating business systems into them, means that you should already have those foundations there. If you’re not doing these steps already, and you’re. The main reason is because of the lack of time that you have, then you really need to make that decision to put some time aside and start doing it because once you do these certain steps, it means that you are able to scale your business with much more ease.

And yes, business is hard work, but we want to make things as easy as we can. So, the parts that can’t be made easy business.

We can still cope with otherwise it’s going to take a huge strain on our mental health, and it’s going to mean that we are going to struggle to achieve what we’re setting out to achieve, and therefore we’re not going to get the results are we not going to get the impact that we really really strive for.

If you do have any questions if you want any questions around business systems answered, then do get in touch, I’m happy to help. If you do want some guidance on your business systems, then again get in touch because we’ve got some resources that will really help you do that. And make sure that you have your systems in place and make your life easier. Until next time, bye.

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