How To Set Up This #1 Business System In Your Business From The Start (Or Now)!

How To Set Up This #1 Business System In Your Business From The Start (Or Now)!

How To Set Up This #1 Business System In Your Business From The Start (Or Now)!
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So, you’ve probably heard my other content around the number one business system. That I truly believe you need to have set up in your business from the start.

So I thought today I would, I would talk about how to set up this number one business system in your business from the start.

As you may or may not know. I highly highly recommend that the first business system you have in place is your marketing system. Because it enables you to streamline and automate and really leverage your time. So you are not going to then end up having to constantly chase down your next lead.

The first step you need to take is to set up your core system. Which is your marketing system, which I do in Asana. And then we need to think about the strategies, you’re going to use for your marketing really only concentrates on three for maximum. Especially when you’re starting out, you want to concentrate on maybe one or two to really see how they’re working. But I’ll say four because it covers the main marketing pillars that you’re going to need to cover.

So you really need to cover those four stages in the marketing process in order to then to then cover your entire marketing system.

It would be how are you going to attract your audience. So, what are you going to create in your marketing, that’s going to bring that audience to you. Is it may be going space and guest podcasting, so you’re utilising another audience that may be aligned to your ideal people, but it’s not in a direct competitor relationship.

So how are you going to build trust with that audience. So once you’ve attracted them to you. How you going to get them to believe and trust in you and your methods and your business. So that could be around testimonials. So how are you going to put those testimonials out there, how are you really going stands out. How are you going to utilise the testimonials, to your advantage? So, are you just going to post your testimonials on social media, or are you going to use them as more of a case study, or are you going to generate them in kind of an interview format? So really looking at your in how you’re going to build the trust and if you are using testimonials how you can use that in a clever way that’s going to stand out from the crowd.

How you going to keep that audience interested in you because you’ve attracted them to you which probably is the hardest part. But then, if you’ve attracted them, and you’ve kind of not been your authentic self at the beginning, it means that they’re going to then be attracted to someone that you actually aren’t Sabine authentic at the start and showing the real you is really important in order to keep your audience interested in you and what you offer. So, are you going to do a nurture sequence. So, email marketing is email marketing going to be your focus on how you’re going to keep your audience interested in you and your business.

So, how are you going to get the audience to buy? Are you going to be utilising a tripwire for instance, so are you may be going to offer an opt-in that is then going to give them a tripwire offer, which is basically an offer that’s not in the public eye genuinely, and it’s a one-off offer that that audience can take you up on.

So it’s generally an offer that’s even lower-priced or higher priced depending on how you structure it, but it will pop up at the end once they’ve given you the details and it’s kind of aimed at being a no brainer too.

So they’ve signed up to your email list, and the tripwire is related to the opt in that they’ve signed up for that then means that they think I need that I need that now. And then buy that from you. So really looking at what you’re going to do in order to get your audience to buy from your marketing efforts.

Once you have those in place, those will be your core strategies that you’re going to concentrate on.

And this is where people then become overwhelmed because creating processes can be time consuming, but what I would really really recommend you do first is to video your screen, as you are doing that particular task or strategy.

And make sure you talk through as you’re doing it, and video in your screen. Once you’ve done that you can then save that as being the core process for the time being until you have some time to actually document set out.

So, with your marketing system, you should have an objective so what is that system there to do for you. And then once you know that you can then track your metrics that are going to be relevant to that objective, so you can then see what’s working and what’s not working and what you may need to tweak to try and get it to work.

So that’s how you will create your marketing system. I hope you found that really really helpful. As always if you have any questions or you need any help do get in touch. #BurnoutSlayer #OnlineBusinessManager #BusinessOperations #VirtualAssistant #Productivity #Efficiency #Automate #Delegate #Outsource #Systems #Processes