How To Create A Irresistible Customer Journey

How To Create A Irresistible Customer Journey

How To Create A Irresistible Customer Journey
How To Create A Irresistible Customer Journey
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How to create an irresistible customer journey. I’m going to talk through the steps that you need to take in order to create a customer journey. That is really something that your customers are going to want to shout about and are going to be really excited about.

What does that look like? And are you showing your real core values for a customer journey? So for instance, if one of your values, is that you serve from the heart. Are you showing that in your customer journey, or are you just being quite cold and just signing them up and running off to get another sell? So, making sure that your customer journey is aligned to your values is essential. Once you’ve looked at what you’re doing currently.

So, what steps are essential in order to successfully onboard your client and keep in touch with them. We’re going to have attract, then we’re going to have some nurture, we’re going to have the sell, and then we’re going to have the follow-up. So how are you retaining that client, because to retain a client is a lot cheaper and a lot less time consuming than what it is to get a new client.

Making sure that you are really honing in on that. You’re creating a service or product that your customers want to shout out and they want more is a great way to get more revenue. So the next thing you launch or you offer. They’re gonna want it. And that’s what you can do through your customer journey.

So making sure that you’ve been looking at the essential parts of that journey. What are you doing for those parts and it will involve? What systems and processes, because in order to do it consistently and to make sure that you make the impact that you want from that journey. You need to make sure you’re doing it the same and every client is getting the same level of service.

It means that your team will also know what is expected of them in order to keep in touch with that plan. So, looking at how you’ve attracted clients so if it’s social media or ads. And then looking at how you’re nurturing that client. How you warm them up, are you showing them to you, how are you showing them how you can help?

And then you’re going to be looking at the sale so are you asking for the sale too soon that you’ve waited too long. You never asked them for it, whatever that may be, you need to look at that and see what’s really going stands out.

Once you’ve got the sell, making sure that you’re walking them through the onboarding process so make sure that you’re not just making them guess. You’re telling them in advance of what to expect.

Also, what they should do and when will they hear from you. People like to be told what to do, especially people that are really overwhelmed and that’s probably where your clients are.

Now looking at your retention, so how do you retain your clients, how do you keep in touch with them. This is really really important especially if you’re not doing one on one work, because you want to make sure that your clients feel that they haven’t just been sold to, and thrown off by you go run into find some new clients.

And that all comes in the customer journey, effectively your customer journey should never end. Your customer journey should be the length that you have that client for. Making sure that you’re checking in with them you’re making yourself available. You’re being productive and maybe looking at their online presence and seeing if they have got any problems that are happening at the moment. Could you help with anything, or maybe recommend someone to be able to help with that thing?

Once you’ve got the essentials outlined, you can then look at the nice toos. So, are you giving them a welcome gift? And it doesn’t need to be expensive. It could just be a nice email with maybe a sticker or, you know, something that is saying. Welcome on board. We really are looking forward to working with you.

And then once you’ve done that, are you then maybe send them something for their birthday or special days that are coming up. So, those are nice to do, and comes after you’ve really nailed down the essentials. So I hope that’s helped.

As always, if you do need any help with your customer journey or you’re not sure where to turn. Then, do let us know because we have got some exciting things in the pipeline that I think you will be really really interested in. And, yes, as the same, make sure you do start the process of picking your customer journey because it’s super powerful, and it’s going to bring you back a lot more money for the time that you’re going to spend on it.

I hope you enjoyed this week How To Create A Irresistible Customer Journey video and get in touch if you have any questions.

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