How Having Processes Saves You Hours A Week?

How Having Processes Saves You Hours A Week?

How Having Processes Saves You Hours A Week?
How Having Processes Saves You Hours A Week?
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So, how having processes saves you hours a week. This is something that many people think is too good to be true, saving time, just by having some processes!

But people often overlook it because they think it’s another one of these things that is just too good to be true. It’s not going to work for them, and it’s not going to have the same benefits. So, I thought today I would give you eight reasons or ways that having processes in your business does save you hours a week.

And that’s because I find a lot of people just don’t understand how it saves you that time. So it’s well and good me saying, Get processes in your business, it will save you tonnes of time. But you’re just gonna think this is another thing that’s just not true.

And it’s not going to happen. So that’s why I wanted to talk through the reasons why you have this benefit. And it’s not a benefit that only some people are going to have. It’s a benefit that you get from incorporating scalable business systems. And it’s guaranteed. If you incorporate the business systems, you’re going to save loads of time, every single week, and daily.

So by having scalable business systems in place, you’re effectively, having a process there that’s telling you what to do. Procrastination really comes from confusion and overwhelm of what to do and watching next. And always having to figure out what is the next thing to do what’s the next step to take. So by having documented processes in place, it means that you don’t procrastinate on what you need to do because it’s there. It’s telling you what to do.

So many times people will start a process. And now do this process weekly, but then every single week they’re reinventing the wheel to try and work out what they did last week. And even worse, sometimes they get really good results from the previous week and then they think that they’ve done the same. The following week, and they haven’t because I’ve reinvented the wheel, and they don’t get the results.

So then they feel deflated and pretty disappointed that they’ve not got the same results as last time. So by having processes in place, it means that you are not always reinventing the wheel and figuring out what you need to do. And what you did do in order to get that success that you got.

Consistency comes bigger results, and that’s what we want. We want massive results we want our hard work to bring us the results that we crave. So making sure that you are consistent throughout. And that’s not just in your processes and tasks with your business systems and your back end of your business.

Making sure that the back end of your business is consistent and the layout is consistent and it’s stored in a consistent way. It’s laid out in a consistent way means that we are able to save a lot of time and energy because we are going to know if a particular process is giving us the results that we want. Because we know that we have been consistent in the deliverability of that process.

So, by this, I mean that you’re not wasting time about thinking what to do. As we’ve stepped upon with the procrastination sides. A lot of the time if you then procrastinate you’re wasting time you’re sitting down you’re thinking, what do I need to do next and then maybe later on in the evening.

It comes to you that you’ve actually missed a step in your process so then off you go scattering around getting, get logged back on. In order to complete that step. But if you have processes in place that panic wouldn’t be there. Because you would know that you’ve taken every single step that you need to take in order to achieve that outcome of that process or system.

So, what I mean by trackable is you’re able to see your progress. You’re able to see what’s working, what’s not working, what needs some more time put into it what needs adapting, what’s not working. What’s good to archive because it’s not giving us the results that we want.

In order to track your results, you need to have your process in place. Because, yes, you could track things without a process, but without a process, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to be consistent throughout. And your results that you’re going to track aren’t going to be true results. Because you’re not following a consistent process throughout by having the process in place.

When you do track the results means that you can be sure and confident in that you’ve created the process to be consistent that’s been done the same way at the same time by the same person. By the same steps every single time that the results that you’re getting will be true. So, if your results are saying it’s not really working how you want it to work. You know that you can adapt that process or you can begin that process.

By having processes in place, you’re able to easily see what you can automate and by automating it means that you are then going to spend your time a lot more smartly. And you’re not going to waste time by paying someone to do a particular process that can be automated.

So by having the process laid out means that you can see that this is a consistent task, it’s reoccurring. And actually, this can be automated if I have done, x y and Z. So making sure that you set out your processes in order to be able to automate as much as you possibly can of that process is really really going to help.

This sounds dreamy, right, because one of the main reasons that people don’t delegate is because of time. They feel that they don’t have the time to train that person. That person is going to come in and they’re not going to be able to give them something to do because they don’t have the time to train that person on that thing.

So then they’re just going to sit there and not really be doing stuff or they’re going to be doing these little mediocre tasks that should actually be automated. But with your processes documented it means that you can delegate and pass that process over to your new team member. And they should be able to follow that process.

Sure, there might be an odd question. But you’re not going to have to take the time out of your business in order to train that person fully because your process will do it for you.

So, by following the actionable steps that you have in your process, means that you are taking steps to achieve your overall vision. And that means that you’re going to achieve your vision quicker and a lot easier than what you would if you didn’t have processes in place. And that’s what we all want to achieve. The vision that we are setting out that we are setting ourselves and that we really, truly want and care about.

So by having the processes in place, it means that overall, you are going to get where you want to be a lot quicker and a lot easier, without burning out and without affecting your mental well being.

And I know by having systems in place, not just for business but for life as well, is a huge game-changer for our mental well being, because a lot of the time with our mental health struggles that some of us have with our anxiety with our lack of headspace to figure things out and the frustration that comes with it and the exhaustion.

It can be really really draining without business systems, and sometimes we’ll have that bad day that we weren’t expecting. And we can fall behind in our business because of that. Whereas actually if we have that bad day but we have our processes in place that make life easier for us.

We can take a bit of a step back but know that the things that we need to do in that process are done, or we can hand that over to a team member, if you’re in that position to do that for you so you can take a day out from your business and focus on you and your health, which is where I personally would love to be and am because I can easily delegate to my team and I want that for you to, I want you to be able to take a step out of your business when you need to.

Without your business, falling apart because the last thing you want if you are having a bad day, is to worry that your business is not going to continue or worry about your business or worry about the deliverability or worry about letting people down, because that only makes our mental health worse.

So, if you do have any questions around processes business systems, or you just want some more information or you have a quick question and then get in touch. I’m more than happy to answer it for you. We also have some resources that will really help you if you are struggling to get those business systems put into place.

How Having Processes Saves You Hours A Week?

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