GUEST BLOG: BURNOUT (Part 1): The 8 Most Important Signs You Might Suffering From ‘Burnout’

GUEST BLOG: BURNOUT (Part 1): The 8 Most Important Signs You Might Suffering From ‘Burnout’

Here in this 2 part series Tara shares her amazing tips to help prevent others from experiencing the raft of burnout.

“Burnout” refers to a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. After chronic stress has eaten away at your ability to renew yourself. Burnout is usually insidious; that is, it creeps up on you when you’re busy.

Being constantly in demand adds stress while at the same time sucking away the very time that might help to put things right when it comes to burnout

Burnout sets in even though you’re successful. Because you’re not giving yourself the time and care it takes to regenerate your depleted reserves. However, stress alone is not the same as burnout. Burnout is created by too much stress for too long.

Burnout is rife among hard-driving, high-achieving professionals.

It tends to happen to people who value their contributions to everything they do. And work hard to ensure they’re doing a great job, at everything, all the time. High performers and high achievers often try to be the very best at everything. Constantly comparing themselves to other people, always measuring their performance to that of others.


Exhaustion or chronic low energy

Stress depletes your physical resources. Your body uses more nutrients when under stress. Yet ironically, you can often experience a downturn in appetite during unrelenting stress. You might also struggle with your sleep and although you may nap more, you don’t feel refreshed. You can start to feel that you might never sleep and wake up feeling refreshed again.

Bleak outlook

Nothing seems worthwhile anymore. You dread work and returning to the office after the weekend feels like picking up a burden. Nothing you do seems to have any impact, and things you used to do happily hold no pleasure.

Increased anxiety

A lot of anxiety that happens during burnout is generalised. It doesn’t necessarily arise from any particular situation or circumstance. It can appear to manifest from nowhere. This can result in symptoms varying from an inability to switch off work once you’re home to panic attacks.

Collapse of motivation and enthusiasm, growth in apathy

Nothing seems worth doing and you lack enthusiasm for any task, even the ones you used to really enjoy can feel like a chore. Apathy gets in the way of you trying to do anything to break through your burnout.

Social Isolation

Everyone has different levels of interest in socialising. However, during a burnout phase, people will usually actively avoid as much social interaction as possible. Even if you are an extrovert, socialising can become uncomfortable and very draining.

Cognitive difficulties

Prolonged stress and anxiety (even if underlying and unacknowledged) can impact substantially on your cognitive function. Concentration, focus, recall, memory and mental organisation can all decline substantially. The struggle this causes can result in fatigue, frustration, confusion and self-doubt.

Not feeling good enough

No matter how hard you work, or how much you try, you might feel that whatever you do isn’t good enough. Your inner self talk has become unkind towards yourself. You may even be feeling that you don’t ‘look good enough’, you ‘aren’t clever enough’, you ‘aren’t fit enough or funny enough’ or any number of negative feelings towards yourself that aren’t kind or healthy (or true for that matter!).

Increased illness

When you are experiencing burnout, you might suffer more aches and pains, and an inability to shake colds or minor infections. This comes from the effects of chronic stress on our immune system. On-going stress also results in the hormone cortisol being released in unusual abundance, which can result in irritated and inflamed joints.

If you are experiencing any of the above or especially a combination of the above, then it is possible that you might be experiencing the warning signs of burnout. It is so important to listen to these.

Part two of this blog goes into more detail about things that you can do to help support yourself to avoid burnout. There are some really great and simple tips to help you step back and ease up on yourself.




Business Systems & automation consultant

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant

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