Enough With The Unicorns With Jamie-Lynn Weeks

Jamie-Lynn Weeks is the CEO of Sol Solutions + Co., and Founder of the ELITE Hiring Method™ which helps frustrated business owners untangle the hiring process with clarity and ease. After spending nearly 7 years working within the online coaching industry, she believes that there’s a better way to navigate the way we do business within our organizations and is committed to helping leaders collaborate more effectively with their teams. When she’s not serving her clients in 1-day virtual intensives, you can find her on the beach in sunny Puerto Vallarta, or snuggled into the couch with a historical fiction novel (probably Tudor era).

Jamie-Lynn has kindly created the most incredible give away for our listeners — be sure to download it:

The workshop is called “Delegating Deliberately” and it’s going to walk business owners through the process of getting crystal clear on what they need to hold onto as CEO (first and foremost) and then grouping everything else in their business into clusters so they can start actually designing the future roles in their company with intention. It’s basically the Anti-Unicorn Workshop. https://jamielynnweeks.com/delegating-workshop/

Connect with Jamie-Lynn:





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