Burnout Slayer™ Toolbox Is Here — What Is It?

Burnout Slayer™ Toolbox Is Here - What Is It?

So, briefly a little bit about me.

As I’ve said, some of you might be new to my world. So that means that you won’t necessarily know what I’m about, and predominantly I’m probably more known or the best known online for providing online Business Support as an agency to busy, busy female leaders that have got high big dreams and a vision, and they need some help to get there. And that comes in the form of managing and implementation. But for me, me as a person. My mission is to help as many female leaders, as I possibly can to achieve that vision without burning out.

Although the agency is really really powerful and it’s a really good way to get there.

It’s also why only business owners that have an established business, or the investment there to be able to make to hire support to help them drive their business forward. And I’m under no illusion that when it’s early on in business. People don’t have the money to invest like that. And that’s completely fine and that’s completely normal when it comes to business, and I know many people will say, you need to hire a VA, you need to hire an OBM, and you can get this sense of panic and almost like that is what I need to do in order to be successful.

And that then means that you don’t get the return that you’re expecting.

Not only that you don’t get the return that you’re expecting, but you also waste a lot of time and energy on something that just isn’t going to work out, because that’s not what you need at that moment in time. And a lot of the time. You then get pressured into hiring someone that’s maybe offshore. And although there’s nothing wrong with that and there’s some fabulous fabulous people offshore, there also comes an issue where there’s the difference in time, can become a bit of an issue. And also, the difference in the kind of legalities around a business so when it comes to GDPR and things like that. They’re things that we’ve really need to be on top of as business owners in the UK in the US, in Europe, and that’s not always the case, when you start to look at hiring someone offshore.

That’s one of the reasons why the burnout Slayer™ toolbox, has been born.

So the burnout Slayer™ toolbox goes beyond the agency so although the agency is part of that is the higher level support so it’s the support that established business owners and people that are, that bit further ahead in business. That’s where they will need the support that stay in there, stay where it is we’re still doing implementing we’re still doing the management, and it’s something that I’m super passionate about. And, you know, that will be in the business forever because I’m really really changes lives. But the burnout slayer™ toolbox is about how we can help as many of you as we possibly can.

So how does the burnout slayer™ toolbox work.

The burnout slayer™ toolbox is founded by me, Charlotte. And it works in three different levels, so we have levels from people that are starting up in business. Which the first level is for, it’s not just for people starting up actually but it’s it’s inclusive for everyone.

Effectively the first stage, and that is around our burnout Slayer™ toolbox subscription.

So, you can. You can buy these separately, it’s not a case of you just have to have the subscription box. But what really really helps. And is a powerful way to do is to sign up to the subscription box where every single month, you will get a subscription box of goodies.

Now, the courses are the next level up

So the next level what is around the group programmes and the courses that we that we provide. This is more of a done with you, kind of setup, so if you are feeling overwhelmed in your business and you’re feeling. Everything’s getting on top of you. You need to take some more time to figure things out, you need to organise things. Then, this level is for you.

And then once we’ve hit that level where we’re at the programmes and we’ve set the foundations up for our business.

We’ve got things running really well. We’ve streamlined, we’ve removed the things that just aren’t working for us that that don’t bring us a return. Then we move into the agency part and this part is where you will find yourself so once you set up your systems. You’ve automated you’ve streamlined and you’ve got things running well you’re getting return. But actually you’re feeling like you’re drowning from juggling all the different pieces. That’s where the agency will come in.

So that’s really the three tiers of where the burnout Slayer™ toolbox sits.

Now, there are some different parts within that, but those are the three main objectives of this toolbox. And it’s something that I am so so excited about. Because it’s something that I’ve really wanting to do for a long long time. It’s just never felt like the right time. And actually things just haven’t been aligned. But actually now, everything has come together and I feel so passionately about this really helping you. Because I do it in my business, I have an agency but I have a VA I have an account manager.

So, from next year. I’m actually going through a certification to become a certified online business consultant.

And that starts towards the end of the year. I’m so excited about being able to add that, because that is going to be completely game changing. So that’s actually going to be the top level of the burnout Slayer™ toolbox, so we’re going to have the subscription box which is for everyone.

We literally throughout the burnouts there tool box, we’ll be working with you throughout your entire business journey.

Which I love because you don’t want to outgrow, a company that you’re working with. And I love that I build up these relationships with my clients and it’s so, so powerful. I love and I love that we can learn their business, I love that when we get to that level where maybe you will want some advice around the strategy sides. I love that I’ll be able to do that for you. And we would already have an insider’s view into your business. So what better way to be able to do that, apart from having them all aligned, how we have.




Business Systems & automation consultant https://cva-associates.com/click-me-for-an-exclusive-invite-for-business-without-burnout/

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant https://cva-associates.com/click-me-for-an-exclusive-invite-for-business-without-burnout/

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