6 Ways to Dodge The Burnout Express

6 Ways to Dodge The Burnout Express

That’s when it leads to burnout

And that’s ultimately why my offerings exist. It’s something that I’m extremely passionate about removing burnout. Especially amongst females because ultimately they’re trying to do it all. And as many people do, we set up businesses, and don’t really think about how much work it takes to just have the business working.

It’s no surprise that many people end up feeling completely overwhelmed

Which is why I wanted to give you six tips that you can put into place now to make sure that you set yourself up for reducing feeling overwhelmed, as much as you possibly can.

1. Look at where you are in your business

Where is your business currently in comparison to your business vision? Make sure that you spend some time sitting down really working on your business vision. Making sure that you were looking at:

  • What your goals are
  • Working out your milestones to get there

2. Your metrics

So it’s looking at your current results and what you are currently doing. If you have clients currently, how did you get those clients, what has worked for you? And what works not only for getting the results but actually for you and your personal life as well. So if you have something that is working, and it’s generating clients and sales. But it’s a huge time suck, then looking at how you can avoid this being a huge time suck! What can you streamline from this process that isn’t going to sacrifice the results?

3. Automations

As I’ve touched upon, looking at what’s working for you, and finding out a way that you can streamline is really important. But when you are streamlining sometimes there will be something that you’re doing as a strategy that’s working really well.

4. Processes reduces being overwhelmed

So, what’s actually working in your business, how do you carry out a particular strategy and what needs to be done? Making sure that we set these up as a workflow is really important because it gives you a bird’s eye view of how things feed into each other. So, when you create your workflow, you can then see how the process is feeding into each other. I’m 99% sure that you will see something in there that isn’t really working, and it’s something that we wouldn’t necessarily see when we’re just faced with a huge long list of processes!

5. Your system

This is something that many people overlook and your system is really really important because it reduces procrastination. It creates consistency across the board. And it means that ultimately you have stopped yourself being the bottleneck. So when you’re looking at creating your system, which is a mixture of your processes put together — so your strategy of what you’re doing. Which are built into one system and that creates a desired outcome. As an example here, if you had your content management system.

6. Looking at your team

I know you might say, I don’t want a team. I’m happy with it just being me. And that’s perfectly fine. But if we want at some point, we’ll get to that level, in their business. Where they physically cannot do everything themselves. And they have maxed out the automation, they are then feeling….Okay actually I do need something, and even if that’s something is an admin person that’s going to help with just a couple of bits of admin. Or an accountant or whatever that may be, you need to make sure that you are looking in the long haul.




Business Systems & automation consultant https://cva-associates.com/click-me-for-an-exclusive-invite-for-business-without-burnout/

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant https://cva-associates.com/click-me-for-an-exclusive-invite-for-business-without-burnout/

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