4 Ways I Created A Highly Efficient Business And How You Can Too

But between you and me, the secret of my efficiency is that my superpower is having a really strategic approach to things.

So, I don’t just think oh, I have this idea. Lets go and do something with it or let’s just throw it out there to the audience. I really look at how I can bring it to life, but how I can bring it to life in a way that it’s going to be sustainable.

I think there’s so many strategies out there, especially in this online world, where it’s really easy to just pick up more and more.

But it’s not so easy to then understand and get yourself out of that pickle of having too much. You’ve got too much going on. You don’t know what’s working, you know, you kind of lose your clarity. And that’s really what I want to be talking about today is around how you can make sure that you do not do that how you can really create a highly efficient business and going to live forever. Because that’s what I stand for. Right?

So the first step in my efficient business journey was to streamline

I streamlined my offers, I streamlined my business process are streamlined my team. I streamlined the entire business and something that I talk about quite a lot is that streamlining is not a dirty word. Streamlining is a really, really amazing word. It’s an amazing, amazing activity that you should be doing in your business for process efficiency.

What ends up happening is you outsource these strategies, and they don’t really bring you a return.

So you’re not only have you invested time in doing these strategies that’s bringing you know return whatsoever to your business,but you’re now paying someone else to do these strategies for you. No return.

Number two for your efficient business is alignment

Now, this is something if I’m completely honest, I missed for the first probably around three to four years of my business and that is being in alignment. And the reason that I missed this is because I missed a crucial step something that I bang the drum about now, but I missed this crucial step when I was starting out in business. And that was really, really working out what my vision, my mission, my values, what my business model was and how that came together. I really missed that out.

And once I’ve done that, and I’ve really done some work on that, everything became clearer.

This is when I then made the decision to close my agency which was a huge shock for so many people. And I made that decision because although the agency was incredible. My mission was so much bigger. And my mission is to really help people to build a Forever Business to build a business that’s going to live forever, that’s going to provide them the life that they want.

Number three is automation

Now, don’t leave me I know many of you be thinking tech automation, not for me. Now, automation does not need to be this really scary face you know start off small. And this will become so much easier once you’re streamlined because at the moment.

Although automation can become a lot more complex, it doesn’t need to be at this moment in time.

So don’t worry about that. And if there are any elements of it that you don’t feel too comfortable with or you’re not too sure. Once you know that this strategy of process works, then you can pay someone on a project basis to come in and do that automation for you if you so wish.

And lastly, but not least for an efficient business, is Systemising

A bugbear of mine that people say Systemising is SOPs. Systems are so much more than just soft and you know, that’s the processes written out and documented. You need to be looking at a system is how it all comes together, how that entire process and strategy comes together.

Because the last thing you want to do is to create a system and then forget about where the moving pieces go.

Because, you know, you end up in a massive mess if you do that and then you don’t end up maintaining it and it ends up becoming this big headache that you need to try and sort out and then most of the time when people are in that that frame of mind what they’ll do is bring a VA on or bring someone on be like, can you fix this for me and then the VA is I have no idea what’s going on here. You know, because they’re it’s not documented.




Business Systems & automation consultant https://cva-associates.com/click-me-for-an-exclusive-invite-for-business-without-burnout/

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Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Charlotte Lester | CVA Associates

Business Systems & automation consultant https://cva-associates.com/click-me-for-an-exclusive-invite-for-business-without-burnout/

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