12 Things Business Owners Need To Know About Systems!

I’m talking all about 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Scalable Business systems.
Now, the term business systems is thrown around a lot. But ultimately, many people still believe that only big companies need business systems. Or businesses that are going to franchise out or sell.

However, I challenge that!

Because I truly believe that every business should have scalable business systems in place. If we’re being honest with ourselves if we go back to the start. Can you honestly say that you are in the position and the place that you thought you would be from the start? Because I know I’m not.

But what having these scalable business systems in place does is enable you to adapt to the different vision that you take throughout your business journey. Without scalable business systems, you’re restricting yourself, you’re stopping your scalability, you’re stopping yourself being able to sell your business if you decided to do that further down the line.

I thought it would be really really helpful if I just gave you 12 things that you probably didn’t know about scalable business systems. And ultimately, these 12 things are reasons why every business needs to have them in place. These are not the only benefits around having scalable business systems in place. But these 12 things are the ones that I thought would be most important to every business owner.

1. Save time by incorporating systems

Having scalable business systems in place means that you’re not constantly reinventing the wheel. And you’ve reduced the procrastination that you would feel when you are going into doing a task again. So when you’re going in to do a task and you’re starting from the beginning is exhausting. It zaps your energy, you have to use a lot of thinking power to think about what you need to do. Whereas when you have scalable business systems in place. Everything is there for you to follow. So it makes life easy. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Saves money

Again, having scalable business systems in place saves your time, which then saves your money, because you are not having to pay yourself to sit there and figure out what the hell you’re meant to be doing. So making sure that you are saving time, time means you’re saving money in the long run. And it also means that you aren’t paying for someone else to sit there, figure out what’s meant to be happening.

3. Increases your authority

So by having scalable business systems in place, it means that you are showing up consistently, you’re showing up to your best ability for your audience, and therefore your audience becomes reliant on you showing up.

4. Consistency

As I touched upon, making sure that you are consistently going out and doing the thing that you’re doing. So having scalable business systems in place, means that you can do it every week or every month, whatever the frequency is at the same time, you’re doing it in the same format, you’re doing it in the same branding, you’re doing it and you’re really pushing into your brand and you and who you are, and it’s going to help people to know when they see something from you.

Oh, I know who that is, because you’re consistent, you’re consistently showing up. And it also means that your audience is going to feel that they can rely on you. So, there’s nothing worse than seeing someone that you like the look of online, and we all stalk people online before we buy, we want to see what they’re about. So, when your audience sees you and then you don’t show up for a week or so. Where have they gone? And it breaks that relationship that you want to build up your potential buyers. So making sure you’re consistent is really, really important.

5. Removes overwhelm

So, when you start off doing your tasks, you can sit down and procrastinate. You start thinking what am I meant to be doing. And then you start getting all these other requests coming through, and you start to get overwhelmed because you don’t know where you’re meant to be, what you’re meant to be doing at any one time. So having a scalable business system in place means that you don’t get as overwhelmed with everything coming through.

6. Systems create foundations to success

So, having scalable business systems in place, means that you are able to scale with ease. So, making sure that you can get to your version of success for every one of us that version is different, but making sure that you get to your version of success with ease, scalable business systems does that, because it means that you have the options open, you can sell your business if you wish you can delegate easily you can create the consistency and the leads and the cells, more quickly than someone down the road that hasn’t got any business systems in place.

7. Delegate with ease using systems

So, again, delegation is a huge, huge factor in business, and although you might be saying, I’m quite happy doing my own thing on my own. That’s fine, but eventually, you’re going to come up against needing some further support. And unless you want to continue earning the same revenue the same money each month and you’re happy just plodding on by, you’re going to have to hire some support at some time. There is not one successful person that has got to their success alone. You need to have people around you. And that may just be in the form of one team member, but having someone that you can rely on that can help you, is essential. And to do that successfully is even more essential. So, by delegating your tasks, it means that you can delegate with ease when you have scalable business systems in place. So rather than having to go through a huge training programme. You can literally assign the process to that person, and they can get on with it.

8. Removes the likeliness of human error

So, we are all human. There are going to be errors, but ultimately when we have scalable business systems in place that talks us through what needs to be done at any one time. And it also means that we can look at the automating sides. So when we start to automate is when we are reducing the potential for there to be human error. And when you have a scalable business system in place, you have the points that you need to cover for that particular process, at any one time, which means that you’re not going to miss anything. It’s all there. Whereas when it’s in your head, you’re constantly having to think about what one needs to have done next. Have I done that because it’s all a bit in the air, it’s all a bit everywhere and there’s no particular process to it,

9. Enables us to step away from our business without it falling apart

This is what dreams are made of, being able to take a month’s holiday, being able to take even a week’s holiday for some of us. But we’ve scalable business systems that become a reality. Because we can. Everything systemised we can easily step out of the business and know that our customers and our clients are still going to be getting the same level of service, especially if you have team members in place. It also enables you to have a business further down the line that you can step out of that you can completely come away from, and you can have that run in with other people in the business, and you’re just working on the outside of it, but maybe even working on another business venture, or doing something else that you enjoy.

10. Systems remove yourself as the bottleneck

So, again, something that we all want is to not be the go-to person. If we’re the bottleneck in our business. It means that we are restricting our scalability because everything has come through us. And that’s not a good place to be. You end up trading the implementing, and the delivery of your business to then the managing of your business. And that in itself is an entirely new big role, which then means that there’s no one being the visionary, and there’s no one leading the business, and ultimately as a business owner, you want to be the leader, and the visionary, you don’t want to be the manager, and you don’t want to be the implementer, because otherwise, you are restricting your business,

11. Increases the focus on the right things

So, you are able to see what is working and not only that you’re confident that you know what’s working because you’re tracking the metrics, so when you’re tracking metrics and you’re doing something consistently, it means that that thing is being done at the same time by the same person. Everything is the same, and the metrics that you’re tracking are going to be a true reality of that particular process. So make sure that you are then focusing on the things that are working, and ultimately after about 90 days if you find that something isn’t working as well or could be tweaked. You’re easily able to do that because you have the system there you know where maybe something’s falling apart, or maybe where something needs to be tweaked, or if it’s not working at all to skip it and bring in a new strategy.

12. Greater return on investment

So, when you are investing in anything, if you’re investing in a team, if you’re investing in maybe Facebook ads or your marketing. You can see what’s bringing the return. So if you have a particular process strategy set out. That’s not bringing you the return that you need. So, you’re spending more and not getting the same back, or you’re spending it and only getting the cost value but you can see that by having your scalable business systems in place because you can see what the process is. So, if you’re spending 100 pounds a month on Facebook ads, but your return is 50 pounds. That’s not a feasible process to continue. So you would skip the Facebook ads and you try something else.

If you’re not in the position that you thought you would be by now, don’t feel bad. I know for me personally, it took a lot of time and patience to find my footing — and if we’re being honest with ourselves, there are still days where I’m wondering what on earth am I doing? But then something happens and it all becomes clear again.

What helps is having scalable business systems in place so that when things change or shift (as they inevitably will), you can adapt without feeling like your entire world has been turned upside down. Have these thoughts crossed your mind lately? It’s worth getting some expert advice from someone who knows about this stuff — book a call today.